The Refit Specialists of Fort Lauderdale!

While Matthew’s Marine AC provides a wide range of services, we consider ourselves the refit specialists of Fort Lauderdale. We have refit numerous vessels of all shapes and sizes with new equipment – always making sure to meet our deadlines, usually with time to spare!



Refits are a specialty as Matthew's Marine. We work closely with the vessel's departments to ensure the highest standards are met during your project. From our survey, to equipment selection & installation, we will assist in making the right decision for your vessel. Our accounts manager will also keep you up to date with all finances pertaining to your projects.


System Design

In need of a new system? We design all of our custom chiller systems, refrigeration units, & control panels in house to meet the exact specifications & requirements needed for your vessel. Our systems are truly made from scratch, not a simple reconfiguration of the same old components like the competitors. Learn more about our unique design process below.



We install our custom chiller systems and all major brands of chiller systems with our field trained techs that operate with the professionalism & boat etiquette that sets Matthew's Marine A/C apart in the marine industry. We also offer free dockside support A/C units during the process for all clients receiving a custom chiller unit.


Service & Repairs

We offer service & repairs to all major brands of chillers, & refrigeration units as well as for custom systems that aren't as simple as the off the shelf units. Owners of our custom built systems also enjoy remote monitoring & adjustment through our custom Control Panels, and we assist all of our clients with e-mail or over the phone troubleshooting of equipment.


Survey & Equipment Analysis

Need a survey that lets you know where you stand? We represent owners interested in buying a vessel and tell it like it is. We also estimate what costs might be incurred with repairs or installation of new equipment. We can also analyze existing equipment to determine what shape the equipment is in, what work needs to be done, & if conditions warrant a new system.



Need a little training with air conditioning or refrigeration? We can set up in-house classes to update engineers who need a little brush up on their skills. We will provide you with the correct manuals for your vessels & equipment. Engineers will leave with more confidence on what to look for & what to do dealing with your cooling systems.


Experience & Expertise Where It Matters

Matthew’s Marine AC installs, repairs, and services all major brands and types of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. Having issues with some equipment? Try giving us a call and see if our knowledgeable staff can help troubleshoot the equipment over the phone.

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