Leading System Processes in the South

Our unique process for system design & build is one of the core aspects of Matthew’s Marine AC that makes us different from the competition. For all of our custom chiller systems & refrigeration units we go through this process to make 100% certain that we exceed the expectations of our clients & deliver value that lasts.


Our process starts by meeting with our client and listening to their wants and needs. We ensure that we have a complete understanding of exactly what you are looking for from the very beginning so that every aspect of the system is focused on delivering the value you are looking for.


Next we calculate the vessel’s cooling demands to determine the correct capacity for the chiller, and we gather information on the allocated space & existing plumbing circuits so we can design a custom chiller fit for your unique situation. Our chillers are all custom designed & built uniquely for each vessel.


Using this information we create a chiller design drawing showing the dimensions, components, and details of the chiller we will build for your vessel. We go over these drawings with our clients and receive approval of the drawings before beginning the build.


Upon acceptance of the drawings we begin to build your chiller in our Fort Lauderdale facility. Generally we can have your new system up & running within 8-10 weeks. We knew what we’re selling because everything is built in house. You will have the highest quality system on the market because we have the highest standards of craftsmanship in the industry.


Our field trained techs perform all installations of our chillers with the expertise & proper boat etiquette we pride ourselves on at Matthew’s Marine AC. Let’s not forget you’ll need a support A/C unit to cool the boat during the process of removal & installation. We have complimentary dockside support A/C units for our value customers that purchase a new chiller system.


With most companies you’re let alone after a chiller installation, but not with us. We continue to monitor & can even adjust your new chiller system for best performance remotely thanks to our custom control panels that come standard with all of our custom chiller systems. We will make sure your investment is sound long after the product is delivered.

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