We Believe Our People Are Our Biggest Advantage Over The Competition

The Matthew's Standard

 At Matthew’s Marine AC we believe that our people are our biggest advantage over the competition. Our team is comprised of only the best technicians, made mostly of ex yachties from the engineering department. We know what you’re up against because we’ve been there ourselves and promise to do everything in our power to put your mind at ease.

It all starts with our founder and leader, Matthew!

“My journey started at age 19, when I found myself in the United States Air Force. Other than shooting a big gun from time to time, I worked as an air conditioning technician on the base using the skills I gained in high school vocational school. I furthered my training taking advantage of the many schools the Air Force has to offer and left with an honorable discharge after 4 years of service.

Shortly after leaving the Air Force, I moved down to Fort Lauderdale to join the yachting world with my brother, an experienced yachtie. After a year, I was fortunate to see a lot of the world but found that the permanent yacht position wasn’t for me, so I accepted a job at the top marine air conditioning company of the time. I quickly rose through the ranks of the company and specializing in vessel refits. However, after 7 years of honing my craft I found that I had outgrown the company, and moved on.

Then I founded Matthew’s Marine AC, in 1997. I built my company on the idea that quality and service are of the highest importance, and soon found that I was growing. For the last 20+ years we have held that value at the core of our company, and it fueled the creation of our unique control panel and each of our custom built chillers. Now I have built a one of a kind company with top personnel that do not accept the boundaries of ‘impossible’.”

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