How Do I Clean Drains Without Damaging My Drain Pans?



I am getting leaks in the drain pan of all the air handler units throughout the vessel.  The units are only five years old.  I have maintained the units on a monthly basis by cleaning the air filters, vacuuming the surrounding area and putting tablets in the pan so it drains well.  When I inspected the pans I noticed they were pitted in a few areas and I think it was from the tablets I installed.  At this point I am getting new pans made.  What should I use in the future to keep the drains from getting clogged without ruining the pans themselves?





I have also noticed the same problem you are having and have had to replace many drain pans also.  Two different manufacturers products, I have noticed, for use as a drain pan treatment say they are non corrosive and biodegradable yet the problem does exists for whatever reason.  Since you do perform regular maintenance on the air handlers I doubt you need to add any treatment to the drains routinely.  Drains become clogged mostly due to lack of maintenance when dust and particles fall into the drain system and over time create a slime or sludge effect rendering the drain system useless.  Bleach can be used to kill bacteria within the pans and lines and assist as a pre-flushing agent.  Hot water should then be used to flush the line thoroughly.  Sludge will lift from the piping and flush to the designated area generally.  When hot water does not work effectively air pressure can be used to force debris from clogged lines.  Caution should be taken not to use too high of air pressure as drain lines are not intended for high pressure and may burst.



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